About the project

The Science Republic was developed around the idea of organizing research through informal science communication, as well as a free and democratic system of cooperation and knowledge exchange. Authority and recognition in the Science Republic are based on the principle of mutual respect, which members of this 'invisible college' show towards each other’s opinions, arguments and proof, rather than regalia and status. It is not a community of equals, but rather a place where everyone can achieve a position of status according to their own efforts. The Science Republic is a metaphor that describes the perfection we pursue and the creation of a communication platform for the academic development of HSE students and early-career scholars.

What is the purpose of the Science Republic?

The Science Republic aims at facilitating the academic development of HSE students and young scholars. This is social platform for mutual communication of scientific knowledge and information. It ensures that support is available for students during their time at HSE, as well as enhances the chances of students’ academic success.

Who can join the Science Republic?

If you are an HSE student at the time of your application and you are in one of the priority categories, please send a request to join the Science Republic.

Competitions and projects for residents of the Science Republic

For the residents of the Science Republic - HSE is launching unique opportunities for academic development, as well as support for initiatives in research, popular science and education.

Project organizers

The HSE Centre for Student Academic Development is this project’s coordinator.



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